Previous work

A selection of previous articles and projects. 


How does the brain interpret computer languages? (Ars Technica)
Neuroscientists detect a distinct brain network that grows stronger with practice.

Moving the needle: new fronts in the fight against diabetes (Irish Times
A feature article about diabetes research in Ireland

Emotional response to city design could guide urban planning (Horizon Magazine)
An article discussing the virtual reality a models being built to help urban planners and architects get real-time feedback about its mental health impact, particularly for older people.  

By recreating phobias and panic attacks, neuroscientists aim to improve anxiety therapies (Horizon Magazine)
Interviews with two researchers who are using virtual reality and under-researched fear reduction strategy may provide better ways of treating anxiety disorders and preventing relapses.

Science policy

NATO to launch €1B fund for high tech start-ups in dual use technologies (Science|Business)
A news article looking at the announcement of (and reactions to) NATO’s new programme called DIANA to research dual-use technologies to remedy societal problems and national security issues.

Proposal for national innovation agency reopens old debate in Germany (Science|Business)
Article looks at the German Green party’s proposal to form a central innovation agency, D.Innova, as part of its pitch to the voters in September’s federal election.

Come offset with me: how new policies are encouraging researchers to limit the environmental impact of air travel (Science|Business)
In Germany a grant funding body is introducing offsets to cut the carbon footprint and encourage use of greener modes of transport. The article examines the potential of this elsewhere.

Universities wrestle with question of how open to be with China (Science|Business)
Looks at a German initiative to ban financing for China’s Confucious cultural institutes.

Qubit to get ahead: Germany is racing to catch up with the quantum revolution (Science|Business)
The German government announced in July 2020 that €2 billion from the country’s pandemic recovery fund is to be spent on quantum technology. This article looks at the state of quantum technology in Europe and abroad.

Upcycling e-waste trash into innovative treasure (
A feature looking at how Ghanaian entrepreneurs are ‘upcycling’ electronic waste, and the refurbishing grey economy around the Agbogbloshie e-waste dump.

How ‘alternative facts’ could be tackled with science diplomacy (Horizon Magazine)
An interview with Professor Luk Van Langenhove, research professor at the Institute of European Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium

Biotechnology Patent Trolls (Biotechblog)
An overview of companies/individuals asserting breach of their own (usually obscure) patents to attain lawsuit settlements or licensing fees.

Science ethics

Would you be willing to reveal your genetic code to your employer? (Irish Times)
A feature discussing genetic rights of employees in Ireland, following a claim by a US company to get the genetic info from two of its employees.

Plan for first human head transplant revealed (Irish Times)
A news story about a neurosurgeon’s plan to perform the world’s first head transplant. 


Ultra-cooling gives slow-mo view of quantum physics (Horizon Magazine)
An interview with researchers cooling atoms to ultra-low temperatures to study/manipulate them.

Events & conferences

The 2022 European Inventor Award (European Patent Office)
Researched, interviewed, and wrote the press pack for four nominees (Claude Grison [FR]; Ido Sella [IL]; Jaan Leis, Mati Arulepp, and Anti Perkson [EE]; Marco Stampanoni [CH] and Zhentian Wang [CN])

The 2022 Transatlantic Big Science Conference (Carnegie Science/DESY)
Researching session topics and interviewing panelists (ongoing)


Negotiating EU trade agreements: Who does what and how we reach a final deal (European Commission)
A brochure that explains, step-by-step, the typical procedure of how the EU negotiates a trade agreement with a non-EU country.

Trade deals explained in 60 seconds (European Commission)
A series of infographics that give a summary of recent EU trade agreements
(CETA) (Japan) (Mexico) (Singapore)

Style guide for the CERES project (CERES)
A style guide developed for outreach material for the EU-funded CERES research project